Your weekly Vitónica diet: healthy summer menu for those with lactose intolerance

Therefore, today in our weekly diet we leave a healthy summer menu for those who have lactose intolerance. Article by Wild at Heart website.

Lactose-free refreshing menu

To control intolerance and prevent the development of especially gastrointestinal symptoms, the diet must be lactose-free. For this, we can go to milk or yogurts without lactose as well as, choose not to ingest these products and instead go to vegetable drinks.

Not all dairy products are rich in lactose, but in the more cured cheeses, the level of this sugar is very low and are therefore often well tolerated, while sometimes, depending on the degree of intolerance of each person, it is also acceptable. The intake of fresh cheeses.

In the event that all dairy products are eliminated, it is essential to go to other sources of calcium in their replacement, such as nuts and seeds, legumes or derivatives thereof such as tofu for example.

In summer, good options are vegan products both in terms of ice cream and milkshakes or horchatas that often include milk inside (although they should not).

Always cooking at home, based on carefully selected fresh foods we can achieve a balanced diet suitable for those who have lactose intolerance and that is demonstrated in the following weekly diet :


BREAKFAST Pineapple and coconut smoothie bowl with berries.
MIDMORNING Bowl of lactose-free milk or sugar-free vegetable drink with fresh cherries and chopped almonds.
FOOD Chicken, quinoa and buds salad. Apricot
SNACK Pineapple ice cream and coconut milk.
DINNER Avocado and zucchini tartar salad with prawns. Watermelon


BREAKFAST Bowl of coconut or other unsweetened milk with oatmeal and peach flakes
MIDMORNING Ice cream of a single ingredient.
FOOD Pasta, broccoli and tuna salad. Cantaloupe
SNACK A glass of lactose-free milk or sugar-free vegetable drink and fitness bar of oatmeal and nuts.
DINNER Veal and cucumber salad. Plum


BREAKFAST Infusion or lactose-free milk with homemade rye bread and spelled with avocado and tomato
MIDMORNING Roasted pumpkin seeds or seeds
FOOD White bean salad with curried tofu. Peach
SNACK Infusion or lactose-free milk with whole-wheat toast with olive oil and tomato.
DINNER Round turkey and apple in the pressure cooker with fresh vegetable salad. Watermelon


BREAKFAST Two ingredient banana pancakes.
MIDMORNING A bowl of coconut milk with chopped apricot and chopped nuts.
FOOD Quinoa salad with veal and avocado. Fresh cherries
SNACK Avocado and anchovy toast with vegetable caviar.
DINNER Tacos of lettuce with lentils. Nectarine


BREAKFAST A glass of lactose-free milk or sugar-free vegetable drink and banana pancakes with two ingredients.
MIDMORNING Bowl of unsweetened coconut milk with fresh cherries and chopped almonds.
FOOD Chicken and chickpea salad with cherries. Cantaloupe
SNACK Banana, mango and melon ice cream.
DINNER Broccoli omelet. Plum


BREAKFAST The glass of lactose-free milk or sugar-free vegetable drink and oatmeal and apple cookies.
MIDMORNING Spicy roasted chickpeas.
FOOD Watermelon gazpacho and steak grilled salmon with julienne leek curry. Pineapple slices
SNACK Half sandwich of tofu, tomato and green leaves.
DINNER Warm black bean and potato salad. Nectarines


BREAKFAST Chocolate, banana, and oatmeal fitness pancakes.
MIDMORNING Macedonia of various fresh fruits (without sugar or added juice).
FOOD Cherry gazpacho and fish salad in lettuce tacos. Plum
SNACK Iced tea without sugar or glass of lactose-free milk with whole-wheat toast with olive oil and tomato
DINNER Salmorejo without bread with diced turkey breast and fresh vegetable salad. Mango


As we always say, it is advisable to adapt this weekly diet to the particularities of each consumer or household that implements the menu, especially considering the level of lactose tolerance that varies from one person to another.

Also, we recommend reading the labels of products that we buy in the supermarket, as many may contain milk or lactose without our knowledge.

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