Take advantage of your summer vacation to move more: five ideas to get it

However, this time is also ideal to get away from the sedentary life that usually accompanies us during our work year. These are some of the ways we can take advantage of and be more active.

Do tourism

As easy as that. Surely if you have spent days touring the cities or places you are going on vacation, you will know what it means moving much more than usual. Take the opportunity to rest on the beach, but if you can also stroll through the place, walk its streets, know its buildings and architecture and, in passing, move your body while you enjoy.

Outdoor sport

And with outdoor sports we mean things as simple as taking some shovels to the beach – and using them, of course -, swimming in the sea or in the pool, trying snorkeling and discovering impressive seabed, or playing ball if we go to a barbecue or spend the day in the mountains.

Search activities in nature

Whether we do it with friends or if we go with our children, activities in nature are always a success. From zip lines, canoes, hiking trails or even horseback riding, whatever it takes to move while having fun suits us.

Take advantage that it does not rain to walk

We know that when it rains, you don’t want to go for a walk or walk anywhere, but in the summer, first thing in the morning or at sunset, it is a pleasure to go outside, take a walk and enjoy the cool or take advantage of running errands on foot and calmly.

Sign up for social activities

Either collect garbage on the beaches and mountains of our city, or participate in an urban garden, or collaborate in an association in favor of animals, etc. Whatever it is, signing up for a social and solidarity activity now that we have time is a great way to move more while meeting people and leaving a positive mark on our world.

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